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Teen Sensory Tools DVD
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Tool Chest Set

The Tool Chest handbook contains the same 26 activities found in the Tools for Students ™ DVD, explains their objectives, the how-to, and the supplies needed.

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Tools for Students DVD

Tools for StudentsTM dvd begins with a brief (five-minute) introduction; including teachers participating in the SI Tool Kit TM workshops and some recaps of the first Tools for TeachersTM dvd. Next a two-minute segment begins with Diana Henry speaking to students. She reveals what brains and bodies are all about, with descriptive visuals and humor. This sets the stage for helping students connect the two, in the 26 exercises that follow.

Please check the video/dvd player formats used in your country. Our videos (vhs) and dvds are formatted for use in North America. DVD's will work on all computers with the proper software installed to play a dvd.

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This is an ideal way to share information on the ATEACHABOUT™ sensory integration (SI) workshops with those interested in sponsoring and attending. In 6.5-minutes SI concepts and strategies are introduced to those with busy schedules, including administrators and physicians. Contains clips from the Tools for Teachers™ and Tools for Students™ dvds.

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Teen Sensory Tools DVD

The Teen Sensory Tools DVD is an interview of a teen sharing her thoughts about her sensory integration, sensory processing issues as well as being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, ADHD, and behavioral disorders. It also includes information about sensory tools programs.
Total time: 22 minutes.

On the DVD are several pages from the Tools for Teens: Strategies to Promote Sensory Processing handbook. These include the cover, Table of Contents, Who can use the SI Tools for Teens, Instructions for the Teen Sensory Tools Survey, Teen Sensory Tools Survey, The Teen Brain (pg 8), and Movements Tools (pg 25). PDF format


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