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Teen Sensory Tools DVD
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Tools for Students DVD

Tools for Students DVD

Tools for Students TM video gives a series of 26 fun, occupational therapy sensory processing activities designed to:

  • Strengthen the muscles necessary for normal activities
  • Provide the stimulation necessary to enhance alertness and concentration
  • Develop the base for better hand-work and coordination
  • Designed to increase understanding about resistance to touch
  • Build and re-enforce self-confidence
  • Zap feelings of failure
  • Reduce sensitivity and the hit back defensive reactions
  • Increase the ability to use good posture
  • Help social skills and fitting in
  • Increase coordination

Tools for Students TM is designed as an in-home, in-workshop, and in-class exercise leader, with the students.

Parents, teachers, workshop leaders, and administrators, should view the introductory materials on Tools for Teachers TM first. Then proceed to use the exercises on this video tape in workshops and in class, or at home.

Tools for Students TM begins with a brief (five minute) introduction, which somewhat recaps the first Tools for Teachers TM tape. Next a two-minute segment begins with Diana Henry speaking to students. She reveals what brains and bodies are all about, with descriptive visuals and humor. This sets the stage for helping students connect the two, in the 26 exercises which follow. The exercise segments are split for ease in positioning in group use:

  • 4 MOVEMENT tools (3 minutes) are to be used as quick "get going," and/or calm-down activities.
  • 5 MUSCLE tools (4 minutes) are used to develop upper body control for sitting and writing.
  • 3 POSITION tools (2 minutes) teach how to measure and check for proper seating and alternative working positions.
  • 3 WRITING/CUTTING tools (3 minutes) include in-hand manipulation activities Hand Games, warm ups prior to writing Spider Push Ups and a description of the appropriate way to hold a pencil. A suggestion is provided to help a student easily pick up a pencil.
  • 2 MOUTH tools (2 minutes) include "Gum Rules." These encourage teachers to make the shift from seeing gum at school as "taboo" to being a safe, effective focusing tool for certain students who need oral motor input.
  • 4 BODY tools (3 minutes) alert teachers and parents to individual sensory preferences. They are specifically related to the hands, eyes, ears, and nose. Emphasis is placed on how these can assist with attention or result in sensory overload and disorganization.
  • 3 QUIETING tools (2 minutes) include the "Body Stretch," and the "Hot Dog" as well as "Floppy on the Ball". These can be done at school or at home.
  • 2 SURVIVAL tools (2 minutes) "School Recess" and "Home Play" highlight the importance of providing a sensory diet throughout the day in school and at home for optimal attention. Teachers and parents are requested to avoid taking these away as punishment. Rough and tumble play is emphasized for its importance on attention, motor development, socialization and learning.

The video concludes with emphasis on
"team collaboration"
between the student, teacher and parent.

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