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Teen Sensory Tools DVD
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Teen Sensory Tools DVD

Teen Sensory Tools DVD

The Teen Sensory Tools DVD is an interview of a teen sharing her thoughts about her sensory integration, sensory processing issues as well as being diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, ADHD, and behavioral disorders. It also includes information about sensory tools programs.
Total time: 22 minutes.

Teenager - Grace Jacobson:
I want other kids with sensory problems to get the support they need. I've learned a lot about myself and I'm honestly lucky I can advocate for myself. I want people to just listen to what we're saying. And take it seriously. Embrace us for who we are. Most of the time we can give you insight that you would never get from anyone else!

On the DVD are several pages from the Tools for Teens: Strategies to Promote Sensory Processing handbook. These include the cover, Table of Contents, Who can use the SI Tools for Teens, Instructions for the Teen Sensory Tools Survey, Teen Sensory Tools Survey, The Teen Brain (pg 8), and Movements Tools (pg 25). PDF format